Mini Genie is a smart infrared spray device, which in combination with the use of a suitable antiseptic offers a complete cleaning of hands and objects.

Simply pass your hand or an object on the top of the device and Mini Genie will activate instantly by spraying and disinfecting the selected area.

  • Touchless

Infrared induction allows user to use the device touchless and offers more protection against bacteria, germs and microorganisms. Unlike classic hand cleaning methods that require from user to press the container’s pump or the device’s button, Mini Genie offers complete cleaning and disinfection by just passing the hand on the top of the device.

  • Long battery duration

Battery’s capacity -1800 mAh- ensures a long battery duration up to 4 days with one full charging cycle*.

After being on standby mode for 24 hours, the device will be automatically turned off. *depending on frequency of usage


MINI GENIE - The smart hygiene solution!

Smart Fog Dispenser

Easy to use

Mini Genie in combination with the appropriate choice of disinfectant in liquid form, offers a total hand or object hygiene deep cleaning and sterilization just approaching it from the top part of the device.

Technical Specifications:

Size: 77mm 51mm 91mm

Net Weight: 150gr

Battery capacity: 1800mah

Tank capacity: 45ml

Main Material: Plastic, ABS

Available Colors: Black / White

Electronic Conversion Efficiency: ≥ 90%

Input: 5V / 1Α

Frequency: 108KHz

Battery: Built-in, Rechargeable

Infrared Induction (Max Distance): ≤12cm

Spraying duration per use: 15 sec.

Package Contents:

1 x Mini Genie

1 x Type-C USB Cable

1 x Sponge Bar